Geographic Information Systems

  Group Description  
The INCITS/Geographic Information Systems Technical Committee closely aligns with ISO/TC 211 and their constituent working groups. A substitute for use of the term 'Geospatial', as presently used in the title for the INCITS/Geographic Information Systems and for ISO/TC 211, is the modern and widely used term of 'Geospatial'.

INCITS/Geographic Information Systems strives for standardization in the field of digital geospatial information. The committee aims to establish a structured set of standards for information concerning objects or phenomena that involve direct or indirect association with a location relative to the Earth, enabling the analysis of planetary spatial relationships, with an emphasis on planet Earth.

These standards may specify, for geospatial information, methods, tools and services for data management (including definition and description), acquiring, processing, analyzing, accessing, presenting, exchanging and transferring such data in digital/electronic form between different users, systems and locations.

The work shall link to appropriate standards for information technology and data where possible; and provide a framework for the development of sector-specific applications using geospatial data.

The work of the Geospatial Information Committee consists of adopting or adapting information technology standards and developing digital geospatial data standards. Digital geospatial data standards are concerned with creating, defining, describing, and processing such data.

INCITS/Geographic Information Systems serves as the U.S. TAG to ISO/TC 211.

Note: INCITS/Geographic Information Systems was formerly known as INCITS/L1 - Geographic Information Systems (GIS) until January 2022.