INCITS Study Group on Internet of Things

This Group Has Been Deactivated

  Group Description  
The INCITS/Study Group on the Internet of Things (IoT) area of work will address standardization in the areas assigned to JTC 1/SWG on Internet of Things (IoT) which include:

1. Identifying market requirements and standardization gaps for IoT;.

2. Encourage JTC 1 SCs and WGs to address the need for ISO/IEC standards for IoT;

3. Facilitate cooperation across JTC 1 entities;

4. Promote JTC 1 developed standards for IoT and encourage them to be recognized and utilized by industry and other standards setting organizations;

5. Facilitate the coordination of JTC 1 IoT activities with IEC, ISO, ITU and other organizations that are developing standards for IoT;

6. Periodically report results and recommendations to JTC 1/SWG on Planning; and

7. Provide a written report of activities and recommendations to JTC 1 in advance of each JTC 1 Plenary meeting.