Internet of Things

  Group Description  
INCITS/IoT will address standardization in the areas assigned to SC 41 which has the following terms of reference:

Serve as a focus of and proponent for JTC 1s IoT standardization program.
Develop foundational standards for IoT related to JTC 1 for guiding IoT efforts throughout JTC 1 upon which other standards can be developed.

The work will cover:

o Developing Terms and Definitions for JTC 1 IoT Vocabulary

o Developing IoT Reference Architecture and other foundational specifications as JTC 1 standards

o Continuing the work begun in SWG on IoT on standardization gaps

o Establishing a liaison with JTC 1, ISO, IEC or other entities undertaking work related to IoT

o Encouraging the prompt and efficient exchange of information within JTC 1 and with ISO, IEC, or other entities working on IoT, as appropriate

o Monitoring the ongoing IoT regulatory, market, business and technology requirements

o Developing other IoT standards that build on the foundational standards when relevant JTC 1 subgroups that could address these standards do not exist or are unable to develop them.