Secure Identification Proximity Devices

  Group Description  
INCITS/Secure Identification Proximity Devices is a Task Group to INCITS/ID-Cards and has responsibility to review and update the standards associated with:

Integrated Circuit Cards with and without Contacts
Identification devices that include: smart cards, non-card formats, tickets --- Contactless Proximity integrated circuit(s) cards (PICCs), proximity coupling devices--readers (PCDs) and vicinity integrated circuit cards (VICCs)
Related Interoperability aspects, including building blocks for identity management via mobile devices

Major areas of responsibility are standards including, but not limited to:

ISO/IEC 7816: Identification cards -- Integrated circuit cards (with and without contacts) security and commands and data elements for interchange and card management, Cards and Security Devices for Personal Identification
ISO/IEC 14443 Contactless Proximity Objects
ISO/IEC 15693 Contactless Vicinity Objects, ISO/IEC 23220 Building Blocks for Identity Management via Mobile Devices
ISO/IEC 23465 Card and Security devices for personal identification programming interfaces for security devices.

Associated standards work includes: electrical parameters, communications interfaces, security protocols and high-level applications that utilize these standards.

This Task Group is the U.S. TAG to ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 17/WG 4, WG 8, and WG11.

Note: INCITS/Secure Identification Proximity Devices was formerly known as INCITS/IC-Cards - Circuits, Interfaces and Protocols for Secure Devices until January 2022.