Secure Identification Proximity Devices

  Group Description  
INCITS/IC-Cards, is a Task Group to INCITS/ID-Cards and has responsibility to review and update of standards the standards associated with identification proximity devices that include: smart cards, non-card formats, tickets --- Contactless integrated circuit(s), proximity coupling devices--readers (PCDs) and proximity integrated circuit cards (PICC).

In addition, Contactless card formats such as ID1 and Limited Use (LU) as well as non-card formats such as key fobs, tags, labels and similar are reviewed and updated by this committee. Associated standards work includes: electrical parameters, communications interfaces, security and high-level applications that utilize these standards. These associated applications may consist of financial, transportation, access control and the subsequent high-level advising to complementary sub-working groups.

This Task Group is the U.S. TAG to ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 17/WG8.

Note: This task group was formerly known as INCITS/IC-Cards - Circuits, Interfaces and Protocols for Secure Devices until January 2022.