GIT1 - Governance of IT

  Group Description  
The INCITS Technical Committee on Governance of IT was established ss the US TAG to JTC 1 /SC 40 to develop standards and related documents for the Governance of IT including tools and frameworks for governance, but excluding management, architecture, and portfolio management activities, as covered under the scope of JTC 1/SC 40.

The work program will comprise the following work items:

•ISO/IEC NP/CD 38500 Revision of ISO/IEC 38500:2008 Corporate Governance of Information
•ISO/IEC DTR 38502 Information Technology – Governance of IT- Framework and Model
•ISO/IEC WDTS 38501 - Corporate Governance of IT Implementation Guide
•ISO/IEC WD 30120 Information technology - Software Engineering - IT Audit - Audit
•guidelines for Governance of IT
•ISO/IEC CD 30121 Information technology – Software Engineering – Governance of Digital Forensic Risk Framework