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* PL22.16/SC22 WG21 Meeting [week long meeting Nov 7-12, 2022] (Mixed-Mode Meeting)
Name * PL22.16/SC22 WG21 Meeting [week long meeting Nov 7-12, 2022] (Mixed-Mode Meeting)
Time Monday, 07 November 2022, 12:00am to Saturday, 12 November 2022, 11:59pm HST
Monday, 07 November 2022, 05:00am to Sunday, 13 November 2022, 04:59am EST
Location Kona, Hawaii

Times approx 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM Hawaii Time

Submitter / Contact Mr. Barry Hedquist
Group C++
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Counts toward voter eligibility yes
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Meeting Attendees   Spreadsheet
Company ascending Name Role
Adobe Systems Inc Shoaib Kamil Member
Adobe Systems Inc Darius Neatu Member
Adobe Systems Inc David Sankel Member
Adobe Systems Inc Michael Vitrano Member
Advanced Micro Devices Inc Ronan Keryell Member
Advanced Micro Devices Inc Alexandru Voicu Member
Amazon Corporate LLC Nemanja Boric Member
Amazon Corporate LLC Michael Spertus Member
Apple Olivier Giroux Member
Apple Michael Spencer Member
Aquatic Group LLC Robert Douglas Member
Argonne National Laboratory Nevin Liber Vice Chair
Bloomberg Joshua Berne Member
Bloomberg Brian Bi Member
Bloomberg Frank Birbacher Member
Bloomberg Bret Brown Member
Bloomberg Steve Downey Member
Bloomberg Jake Fevold Member
Bloomberg Rostislav Khlebnikov Member
Bloomberg Dietmar Kuhl Member
Bloomberg John Lakos Member
Bloomberg Jeffrey Mendelsohn Member
Bloomberg Alisdair Meredith Member
Bloomberg Sergei Murzin Member
Bloomberg Daniel Ruoso Member
Boost Foundation Benjamin Craig Member
Broadcom Inc Zhihao Yuan Member
Brown Walter Brown Member
Cadence Laine, Zach Guest
Edison Design Group Wyatt Childers Member
Edison Design Group Jens Maurer Member
Edison Design Group William Miller Member
Edison Design Group John Spicer Group Chair
Edison Design Group Daveed Vandevoorde Member
Google Hans Boehm Member
Google Brown, Jorg Guest
Google Chandler Carruth Member
Google Thomas Koeppe Member
GrammaTech Inc David Vitek Member
GreenWireSoft Juan Alday Member
Halpern-Wight Inc Parsa Amini Member
Halpern-Wight Inc Pablo Halpern Member
IBM Corporation Jason Merrill Member
IBM Corporation Thomas Rodgers Member
IBM Corporation David Tenty Member
IBM Corporation Hubert Tong Member
Intel Corporation Ruslan Arutyunyan Member
Intel Corporation Aaron Ballman Member
Intel Corporation Tom Honermann Member
Intel Corporation Erich Keane Member
Intel Corporation Michael Voss Member
Intel Corporation Shafik Yaghmour Member
Jump Trading LLC Barry Revzin Member
Jump Trading LLC Tim Song Member
KEWB Computing Robert Steagall Member
Kitware Boeckel, Ben Guest
Kratus Williamson, Gerald Guest
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Colin MacLean Member
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Thomas Scogland Member
Linden Research, Inc Nathaniel Goodspeed Member
Los Alamos National Laboratory S. Herring Member
MayStreet Inc Martin, Adam Guest
MayStreet Inc Myers, Nathan Guest
Meta Platforms Inc David Goldblatt Member
Meta Platforms Inc Lee Howes Member
Meta Platforms Inc Do Hyung Kwon Member
Meta Platforms Inc Bruno Lopes Member
Meta Platforms Inc Paul McKenney Member
Meta Platforms Inc Maged Michael Guest
Meta Platforms Inc David Stone Member
Meta Platforms Inc Victor Zverovich Member
Microsoft Corporation Olga Arkipova Member
Microsoft Corporation Casey Carter Member
Microsoft Corporation Jonathan Caves Member
Microsoft Corporation Gor Nishanov Member
NVidia Corporation Bryce Adelstein Lelbach Member
NVidia Corporation Billy Baker Member
NVidia Corporation Gonzalo Brito Gadeschi Member
NVidia Corporation Michael Garland Member
NVidia Corporation Mark Hoemmen Member
NVidia Corporation Eric Niebler Member
NVidia Corporation David Olsen Member
Oak Ridge National Laboratory Damien Lebrun-Grandie Member
Perennial Barry Hedquist Int'l. Rep
Perforce Software Richard Corden Member
Plum Hall Inc Douglas Teeple Member
Ripple Labs Howard Hinnant Member
Ripple Labs Stephen Schurr Member
Saks & Associates Benjamin Saks Guest
Sandia National Laboratories Nicolas Morales Member
Sandia National Laboratories Christian Trott Member
SAS Institute Inc Phil Ratzloff Member
SAS Institute Inc Joe Sachs Member
Schonfeld Tools LLC Shanawaz Basith Member
Schonfeld Tools LLC Wesley Maness Member
Standard C++ Foundation Matthew Butler Member
Standard C++ Foundation Sebastian Büttner Member
Standard C++ Foundation Daniela Engert Member
Standard C++ Foundation Bjarne Stroustrup Member
Stellar Science Kelly Walker Member
Synopsys Inc Charles-Henri Gros Member
Tanium Lippincott, Lisa Guest
The C Plus Plus Alliance Inc René Ferdinand Rivera Morell Member
VMware Inc Mark Zeren Member
Woven Planet North America Inc Lewis Baker Member
Woven Planet North America Inc Matt Calabrese Member
Woven Planet North America Inc Kirk Shoop Member

Meeting Statistics
Quorum rule 34% of voting companies ( with a minimum of 4 voting companies attending )
Achieved quorum yes
Individual Attendance Guest Attendees: 9
Contributing Members: 98 of 283 (34%)
Voting Members: 96 of 258 (37%)
Company Attendance Observing Companies: 1 of 0 (0%)
Contributing Companies: 40 of 54 (74%)
Voting Companies: 38 of 40 (95%) (used for quorum calculation)