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Name eb-2015-00102-Approved-INCITS Member Agreement.pdf (112K)
Description Approved INCITS Membership Agreement
[replaces eb-2015-00042]

All INCITS member organizations are required to sign the Agreement. Once signed, it will be applicable to all INCITS engagements by representatives from that member organization (including for example all TC/TG activities).

The Membership Agreement provides more protection and certainty to INCITS stakeholders. Having this Agreement allows INCITS to: (1) document and formalize rules that INCITS has been following operationally for many years; (2) clarify and update other rules; and (3) legally bind Members to these rules in order to bring more consistency, transparency, and efficiency to the INCITS standards development process.

The INCITS membership agreement shall be signed by an authorized individual or legal counsel within your organization, on behalf of the member organization.
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Submitter By Jennifer Garner on Thursday, 05 February 2015 08:41am
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