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Name eb-2012-00615.htm (8K)
Description Notification of Public Review and Comments Register for the Withdrawal of a National Standard in INCITS/L1.

The public review period is from July 13, 2012 to August 27, 2012.

INCITS 145-1986[R2007]
Codes for Identification of Hydrologic Units in the U.S. and the Caribbean (Outlying) Areas
Document State Public Review Register/Notices (Public Review Register/Notices)
Group / Folder Executive Board / EB Document Registers - Previous Years / EB Document Register 2012
Submitter By Barbara Bennett on Tuesday, 26 June 2012 09:31am
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LB2226: Approval to Withdraw INCITS 145-1986 [R2007] for 2012 Maintenance [INCITS/L1]

Open Date: 2012-07-30 00:00:00 America/New_York

Do you approve the withdrawal of INCITS 145-1986 [R2007]?

At its May 2012 meeting, INCITS/L1 voted to withdraw INCITS 145-1986 [R2007] as listed in eb-2012-00615 for 2012 national maintenance (see eb-2012-00613, INCITS/L1 Ballots, Item 2 Meeting ballots), as follows: INCITS 145-1986 [R2007], vote is 12-0-0-3=15 (total membership); the standard is obsolete. This ballot has been initiated...

* LB2226: Approval to Withdraw INCITS 145-1986 [R2007] for 2012 Maintenance [INCITS/L1] Ballot (Document) 2012-08-29 No Access