ITS39 - IT Sustainability

About This Committee

The Technical Committee on IT Sustainability, INCITS/ITS39, will serve as the US TAG to ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 39 on Sustainability for and by Information Technology.

The INCITS/ITS39 area of work will address standardization in the areas assigned to JTC 1/SC 39 which include:

• Standardization related to the intersection of resource efficiency and Information Technology which supports sustainable development, application, operation and management aspects.

• JTC 1/SC 39 will establish its own substructure. Based on discussions at the November 2011 ISO/IEC JTC 1 Plenary, it is anticipated that JTC 1/SC 39 will initially establish a Working Group on Energy Efficiency of Data Centers with the following terms of reference:

• Development of a data center energy efficiency taxonomy and vocabulary

• Development of a holistic suite of metrics supporting universally accepted standardized Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

• Development of a best practices for energy efficiency of data centers

• Development of an energy management system standard specifically tailored for data centers

Group Participants

  • International Technological University
  • Isaak Technologies Inc
  • Microsoft Corporation
  • Schneider Electric IT Corporation
  • AMD
  • American National Standards Institute
  • Dell Inc
  • Futurewei Technologies Inc
  • Intel Corporation