Data Management

About This Committee

The INCITS/Data Management Technical Committee is focused on the development of U.S. and international standards in data management and interchange.

INCITS/Data Management serves as the U.S. TAG to ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 32.

SC 32 (Data management and interchange) develops standards for data management in local and distributed information system environments. SC 32 standards address enabling technologies, promoting harmonization of data management facilities across sector-specific areas, including:

1. Database languages (SQL and GQL), services, and protocols for persistent
2. storage, access, update, and interchange of data;
3. Reference models and frameworks for the coordination of existing and emerging standards;
4. Definition of data domains, data types, and data structures, and their associated semantics;
5. Methods, languages, services, and protocols to structure, organize, and register metadata and other information resources associated with sharing and
6. interoperability, including electronic commerce; and
7. Data Usage terminology and guidance for combining anonymized data sets.

SC 32 develops these standards in four Working Groups: WG 1 (eBusiness), WG 2 (MetaData), WG 3 (Database language), and WG 6 (Data usage).

Representatives from INCITS/Data Management member organizations participate as authorized experts in SC 32 Working Groups.

INCITS/Data Management and its subgroups monitor progress and actively contribute to the development of standards in SC 32 WGs.

Note: INCITS/Data Management was formerly known as X3H2, X3L8, NCITS/H2, NCITS/L8, INCITS/H2, INCITS/L8, INCITS/DM32.2, INCITS/DM32.8, and INCITS/DM32.

Group Participants

  • JCC Consulting Inc
  • Krishna Kulkarni
  • McCarthy
  • Microsoft Corporation
  • National Cancer Institute
  • Neo4j Inc
  • Oracle
  • RelationalAI Inc
  • SAP
  • TigerGraph
  • VESOFT Company Limited
  • Actian Corporation
  • ArangoDB Inc
  • Boray Data Technology Company Ltd
  • Department of Commerce - NIST
  • Deutsch
  • EL Stull & Associates
  • FairCom USA Corporation
  • Farance Inc
  • Google
  • IBM Corporation
  • Intersystems Corporation