Data Usage

About This Committee

The INCITS/Data Usage Task Group serves as the U.S. TAG to JTC 1/SC 32/WG 6, which has the following Terms of Reference:

1. Serve as a focus for JTC 1’s Data Usage standardization program.
2. Develop standards in the area of Data Usage, including the two foundational standards on Guidance for Data Usage and Terminology and Use Cases.
3. Excluded are domain specific Data Usage deliverables, such as those within the scope of other JTC 1 entities.
4. Identify gaps in Data Usage standardization for consideration and propose potential new work for the relevant JTC 1 Subcommittees.
5. Identify JTC 1, ISO, IEC and external organization entities that are developing standards and related materials that contribute to Data Usage, and for each entity investigate ongoing and potential new work.
6. Develop and maintain a list of existing Data Usage standards produced and standards development projects underway within JTC 1 Subcommittees.