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* iot 33rd meeting of IoT TAG (Conference Call) (Conference Call)
Name * iot 33rd meeting of IoT TAG (Conference Call) (Conference Call)
Time Monday, 15 November 2021, 03:30pm to 05:00pm EST
Description No description provided.
Submitter / Contact Ms. Erin Bournival
Group Internet of Things
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Counts toward voter eligibility yes
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Meeting Attendees   Spreadsheet
Company ascending Name Role
Dell Inc Erin Bournival Vice Chair
Department of Commerce - NIST Guodong Shao Member
Department of Commerce - NIST Eric Simmon Member
Evanhoe & Associates Chuck Evanhoe Group Chair
Farance Inc Timothy Schoechle Member
Intel Corporation Grace Wei Member
Samsung Semiconductor Inc (SSI) Eric Hibbard Liaison
United States Dept of Defense - NSA Stephanie Polczynski Member
WSN Technologies Inc Howard Choe Member

Meeting Statistics
Quorum rule 34% of voting companies ( with a minimum of 4 voting companies attending )
Achieved quorum yes
Individual Attendance Contributing Members: 9 of 45 (20%)
Voting Members: 8 of 29 (27%)
Company Attendance Contributing Companies: 8 of 17 (47%)
Voting Companies: 7 of 8 (87%) (used for quorum calculation)