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  • From: Jennifer Garner <jgarner@xxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 17 Nov 2020 17:49:11 +0000

Gentle reminder that the call for volunteers to serve as Chair for INCITS/T11, Fibre Channel Interfaces closes December 2, 2020. Candidates can submit the required documentation to my attention (jgarner@xxxxxxxx):


  1. A one-page statement of experience, indicating the volunteer's expertise in the subgroup's program of work, voluntary standards efforts, committee experience and leadership abilities.
  2. A statement of management support for a three-year term on company letterhead acknowledging the additional workload, financial resources and duties required of an officer over and above that of a technical participant. This statement must be signed by the candidate's management and submitted on their organization's letterhead.

The statement of management support for the three-year term is a good faith commitment, not a legal binding commitment. If future circumstances require the applicant to resign from the office before the term has been fulfilled, this will be accepted without prejudice.

  1. A statement acknowledging that as stated in the INCITS Procedures, Section 5.3.1, the TC Chair shall prepare and submit the TC Annual Report as directed. The TC Chair or other designated officers of TCs (and SGs reporting to the Executive Board) shall also attend in person the meeting at which the annual report is presented and reviewed. This requirement does not apply to Task Group (TG) Chairs.


  1. A statement indicating whether or not the candidate is a representative of a US National Interested Party. Elected officers of IOEs with US TAG responsibilities shall be representatives of a US National Interested Party. A US National Interested Party is one of the following entities directly and materially affected by the relevant standards activity:


  • an individual representing a corporation or an organization domiciled in the US (including US branch offices of foreign companies authorized to do business in one or more states as defined by the relevant US State’s Corporation law);
  • an individual representing a US federal, state or local government entity; or
  • a US citizen or permanent resident.



Best regards -


Jennifer Garner

Vice President, INCITS Standards Programs

INCITS/Information Technology Industry Council

T: 202-626-5737 | Email: jgarner@xxxxxxxx | Web:


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Submitter's message
The fourth term of office of the current INCITS/T11 Chair, Steve Wilson, will expire in May 2021.

The required documentation from candidates wishing to serve as Chair of this committee should be sent to the attention of Jennifer Garner (jgarner@xxxxxxxx) no later than December 2, 2020.

-- Jennifer Garner

Document Name: eb-2020-00600-Call-for-Volunteers-Chair-T11-December-2-2020.pdf

CALL FOR VOLUNTEERS - Chair – INCITS/T11, Fibre Channel Interfaces - Closes
December 2, 2020
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Submitter: Jennifer Garner
Group: Executive Board
Folder: EB Document Register 2020
Date submitted: 2020-11-02 10:31:38

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