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[officer-tracking] Groups - Certificate-of-Training-June-2020-Patty Driever.pdf uploaded

Canceled: FC-PI-8 ad hoc ZOOM meeting

Canceled: T11.2, T11.3, T11 plenary ZOOM meeting

FC-PI-8 ad hoc

FC-PI-8 ZOOM on Wednesday

FC-PI-8 ZOOM problems

Groups - T11-2020-00011-v002.pdf uploaded

Groups - T11-2020-00012-v002.pdf uploaded

Groups - T11-2020-00015-v002.pdf uploaded

Groups - T11-2020-00016-v002.pdf uploaded

Groups - T11-2020-00113-v000.pdf uploaded

Groups - T11-2020-00114-v000.pdf uploaded

Groups - T11-2020-00116-v000.pdf uploaded

Groups - T11-2020-00117-v000.pdf uploaded

June 2020 T11.2, T11.3, T11 Plenary Zoom Meetings

Modified: June 2020 T11.2, T11.3, T11 Plenary Zoom Meetings

ZOOM meeting for the T11.2, T11.3 and T11 plenaries