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Please note that the hotel has cancelled all the reservations being the group has moved the event to a different date. Please call them directly If you are planning on going this dates and they will rebook you.





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Due to the travel restrictions associated with the Corona virus the April T11 face to face meeting has been canceled. The April T11 meetings will be handled virtually via Zoom or WebEx.


Please contact the hotel as soon as possible to cancel your room reservations. If you are still planning to visit Deerfield for vacation Chris Lyon has informed me that the room rate is still valid. Please let the hotel know if you still need a room. The current plan is to have the December 2020 T11 meeting in Deerfield Beach instead of Tuscon.


The T11 officers will be having a conference call later in the week to work out a schedule for the April T11 meetings. Most likely we will have a single day for technical meetings and a half day for the plenary meetings.


I will keep you updated as we get the details ironed out.


Hang in there and please stay safe!


All the best to you and your families during this trying time.



Steven Wilson

INCITS TC T11 Chairman

Director, Technology and Standards


email: steve.wilson@xxxxxxxxxxxx

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