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  • From: Dean Wallace <deanw@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 16 Sep 2019 20:45:16 +0000

HI All


At this point no one has come forward to do work for FC-PI-7P. If I don’t have any feedback by the end of the week I will make a motion at the October meetings to withdraw the FC-PI-7P standard.


Regards Dean


From: Dean Wallace
Sent: Friday, August 16, 2019 8:46 AM
To: fibre_channel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: FC-PI-7P document


Hi All


The FC-PI-7P project has not being progressing. The FC-PI-7P project is a 256GFC four lane variant (4x64GFC).


A little history, when the FC-PI-6P (128GFC, 4x32GFC) standard was completed the multi-mode optical parameters for the four lane variant were different than the single lane variant (FC-PI-6, 32GFC).


It had previously been suggested by Jonathan that for 256GFC that the parameters won’t need to change and we could use the tables from FC-PI-7 without change. Jonathan was going to do some work to  confirm that was the case and because of Jonathan unfortunate circumstances he was not able to complete the work.


In the T11.2 plenary on Thursday it was discussed how to move forward with FC-PI-7P. The decision was to issue a request for companies to bring in data to help in the development of a link budget.


If nobody volunteers to begin work on 256GFC then at the October meetings I will make a motion to withdraw the FC-PI-7P standard.


We can always start it again in the future but the decision of the group was to not have a standard that is not moving forward. We were supposed to go to RFC ballot in June of this year.


If your company is willing to do analysis to support FC-PI-7P development please let me know at least two weeks before the October meetings.


Good meetings for FC-PI-8 this week. Thanks to everyone for all the work!!!


Regards Dean

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