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  • To: Howard Johnson <howard.johnson@xxxxxxxxxxxx>, "fibre_channel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" <fibre_channel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • From: Erwin van Londen <erwin.vanlonden@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 27 Aug 2019 08:04:26 +0000

Hello Howard, et-all,


Back in 2013 (13-348v0) I proposed a scheme whereby the intelligence would also be propagated to the host IO layers where a full end-to-end integrity path could be established between initiators and targets. This way the intelligence could be utilised to not only create a notification schema but more a traffic distribution schema based on link utilisation, link-errors and other characteristics that would allow a host to make a more informed decision on how to direct traffic and prevent bad link (either physical, or logical in the sense of latency and congestion) usage.


This will also ensure that in large scale fabric the switch CPU’s are far less strained. When looking over the last decade doing troubleshooting in fairly large scale SANs the propagation of issues due to one misbehaving device can be detrimental to the entire fabric and has significant  impact on many layers. When reading thru the current proposals an artificial storm can be easily created when one device is misbehaving and leads to excessive switch CPU/memory utilisation if that/those switch(es) are getting busy in keeping FPIN information going.

This may even more exacerbate the overall issue.


The positive on the current proposal is that an intelligent management facility can be create to work in conjunction with external tools to highlight and visualise hot-spots in fabrics. From an operational perspective that is a big bonus.


Kind regards,


Erwin van Londen

Master Technical Analyst, Global Support Operations
Hitachi Vantara


e: erwin.vanlonden@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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Submitter's message

This is a summary of some questions for the operational description of the Fabric Notifications proposal that will be presented at the August meeting today.


Howard L. Johnson
-- Mr. Howard Johnson

Document Name: T11-2019-00016-v002.pdf

FC-SW-8: We Can Be Taught!

- A proposal to define mechanisms for Fabric notifications.
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Submitter: Mr. Howard Johnson
Group: T11 - Fibre Channel Interfaces
Folder: T11 Document Register 2019
Date submitted: 2019-08-13 05:38:31
Revision: 2

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