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  • From: Steve Wilson <steve.wilson@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 6 Aug 2019 09:05:19 -0700

I wanted to let you know that Jonathan King has passed away. Jonathan was a great contributor to Fibre Channel and the industry at large. He will be greatly missed. I have attached a wonderful reminiscence of Jonathanâs life from the posted announcement of his passing.



Jonathan was born in Chelmsford, Essex, England, the first son of three children.


Jonathan was preceded in death by his father, Des King, from whom he got his sense of humor and engineering mind.

He is survived by his mother, Yvonne, his wife, Linda, his son, Adam, his sisters, Janine and Suzanne, and several loving niece and nephews.


Jonathan was a Physicist by profession, a lover of science, with an extremely quick, intelligent, and intuitive mind. (Even on medication, he was still much quicker than his doctors). His humor was always quick, present, and sometimes appropriate. Jonathan was also a lifelong artist. His skills extended from painting, woodworking, gardening, stonework, to any craft he picked up. He was a talented 5 Rhythms dancer, where he met Linda.


Jonathan was an engaged and loving father (aka âPapa,â) taking Adam rock pooling, hiking, swimming, and skiing. He built countless sand castles and LEGO creations with his son. His love of nature and inquisitive mind will be carried on through him.

Jonathan was well loved by anyone he met- not only family and friends, but school teachers, neighbors, and people seated next to him in restaurants. Many a time Jonathan was known to make friends with the elderly people sitting next to him and his family in their favorite Italian restaurant. Jonathan was the person who would hold the door for people or assist those on the train needing help with their luggage. He was the person that helped his neighbor with their broken garage door or flat tire. He stayed up at night to fix his sonâs broken truck (and many other toys, again and again.) His generosity and love for his son, wife, sisters, friends, and family shone out of him.


Jonathanâs English sensibilities were apparent in his choices for tea, whiskey, jumpers, puddings, custard, James Bond, Paddington, and Peter Rabbit. He enjoyed painting, puttering in the garden, building, making, and fixing things.


Jonathan had a strong moral compass and a self-effacing humility. (He would think this tribute is too long.) His charisma, kindness, and generosity were apparent in how he lived his life every day.


In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to Pancreatic Cancer Action NetworkÂhttps://www.pancan.orgorÂ


Steven Wilson

INCITS TC T11 Chairman

Director, Technology and Standards


email: steve.wilson@xxxxxxxxxxxx

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