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  • From: "J Metz (jmmetz)" <jmmetz@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 4 Jun 2019 16:20:16 +0000
  • Cc: "Mike Blair (mblair)" <mblair@xxxxxxxxx>
Official Position of Cisco Systems, Inc.

Hello Lynn,

Cisco has established its legal position for T11 in response.

As all documentation available at is publicly available to members and non-members, both technology in development, as well as published documents. Cisco can participate on proposals and technical documents is permitted as long as it is contained on the public site and/or public meetings.


Given that the letter of the directive is clear about access to communicaiton, Cisco legal finds that Futurewei's correspondence through the use of email servers for reflector use explicitly violates the mandate. As a result, Cisco can not participate on the T11 technical reflectors or any other electronic mail communication where servers will be in receipt.

Normal caveat: I am not a lawyer, and none of this should be taken as legal advice. This is simply a statement of Cisco's position.

J Metz

.:|:.:|:. J Metz, Ph.D | R&D Engineer - Storage | c: +1.407.619.7703 | jmmetz@xxxxxxxxx

On Fri, 2019-05-31 at 17:54 +0000, Lynn Barra wrote:

To INCITS/T11, INCITS/T11.2 and INCITS/T11.3 Members â


As you know, the U.S. government has recently added a number of companies located outside of the U.S. to the BIS Entity List. None of those newly listed entities are members of INCITS. One member is a U.S. subsidiary of the newly-listed entities. As this is a fairly unprecedented situation for an ANSI accredited standards-setting body, INCITS legal counsel is working on the matter to determine whether this change to the entities list affects the activities of INCITS. We will share that guidance as soon as it is available, but, ultimately, each member will have to make its own determination about its own compliance and participation.


We understand that the Technical Committee, INCITS/T11 and its Task Groups, INCITS/T11.2 and INCITS/T11.3 are scheduled to meet next week, possibly before formal guidance is available from INCITS. Participation at the meetings should be based on the memberâs discretion according to the needs and interests their company and participants should seek legal guidance from their own legal counsel on these matters.




Lynn Barra

VP, INCITS Standards Operations

INCITS/Information Technology Industry Council

202-626-5739 | Lbarra@xxxxxxxx |








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