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RE: [EXT] Update to "Proposed Errata for Equation 11 in FC-PI7" (T11-2019-00094-v000)

[officer-tracking] Groups - Certificate-of-Training-April-2019-Steve Wilson.pdf uploaded

FC-PI-8 ad hoc

FCIA Roadmap committee

FCIA Roadmap committee meeting

Groups - Meeting_Map_Apr_2019.txt uploaded

Groups - T11-2019-00014-v001.pdf uploaded

Groups - T11-2019-00017-v001.pdf uploaded

Groups - T11-2019-00077-v001.pdf uploaded

Groups - T11-2019-00086-v000.pdf uploaded

Groups - T11-2019-00087-v000.pdf uploaded

Groups - T11-2019-00090-v000.pdf uploaded

Groups - T11-2019-00095-v000.pdf uploaded

Groups - T11-2019-00132-v000.pdf uploaded

June T11 Room Block Reminder

Revised FC-FS-6 changes for Name_Identifiers, OUIs, et al.

Update to "Proposed Errata for Equation 11 in FC-PI7" (T11-2019-00094-v000)