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April T11 Hotel Information

FC-FS-6 Call to Discuss Changes to Clause 18 "Name_Identifier Formats" based in IEEE OUI changes

FCP-5 Conference Call

Groups - Action Item "Request for 2019 INCITS Annual Report Due by March 7, 2019" added

Groups - Action Item "Request for 2019 National Maintenance Recommendations" added

Groups - April T11 Hotel Information and reservation Link uploaded

Groups - T11-2019-00014-v000.pdf uploaded

Groups - T11-2019-00015-v000.pdf uploaded

Groups - T11-2019-00015-v001.pdf uploaded

Groups - T11-2019-00016-v000.pdf uploaded

Groups - T11-2019-00017-v000.pdf uploaded

Groups - T11-2019-00044-v000.pdf uploaded

Groups - T11-2019-00051-v000.pdf uploaded

Groups - T11-2019-00060-v000.pdf uploaded