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  • From: "Wallace, Dean" <Dean.Wallace@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 10 Jun 2018 00:32:18 +0000

HI All


At the T11 meetings last week it was approved to send the FC-PI-7 64GFC document to INCITS letter ballot. Below is the planned timeline for preparing the document with accepted changes to letter ballot.


  • FC-PI-7 document T11-2017-00156-v09 will be modified with accepted content from the following documents:
    • TDECQ presentation T11-2018-00157-v1
    • VEC presentation T11-2018-00085-v1
    • Accepted comments to table 11 note regarding return loss
  • A conference call was approved for 6/27 at 1pm PDT to review the implementation of the changes. This modified document is the document that will go to letter ballot.
  • A 14 day letter ballot will start on 7/16
    • This date was selected so that letter ballot will open the week after the IEEE meetings the week of July 9th
      • This way any changes to TDECQ in the IEEE 802.3cd document that could potentially affect FC-PI-7 can be incorporated via comment resolution
  • A conference call was approved for 7/25 at 1pm PDT to review potential changes to FC-PI-7 that resulted from the IEEE meetings
  • FC-PI-7 comment resolution will take place at the Louisville KY meetings on Tuesday 8/14


I believe this plan will allow FC-PI-7 to incorporate any modifications made to TDECQ at the IEEE meetings and still allowed T11 to go to INCITS letter ballot with the best possible document.


If anyone has any questions please let me know.



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