T11-2024-00087-v001, March 15, 2024

Draft Agenda

Technical Committee INCITS/Fibre Channel (T11)

Plenary Meeting #182

April 4, 2024 Hybrid Meeting

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1       Opening Remarks and Introductions

1.1        Introductory remarks

1.2        Introductions

1.2.1   Officer appointments (Officers)

1.2.2   Self-introductions

1.2.3   Call for guests and journalists

1.3        Operating under INCITS procedures (https://www.incits.org/standards-information/policies)

1.3.1   Operating under public access rules (public access notification)

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1.3.2   INCITS Code of Conduct (Code of Conduct)

1.3.3   Anti-Trust Guidelines (Sensitive Topics)

1.3.4   Patent Policy Information (Patent Policy)

Patent information overview (https://www.incits.org/standards-information/legal-info)

Patent information registry (https://standards.incits.org/apps/group_public/documents.php?&wg_abbrev=patents)

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1.3.5   Call for patents

2       Attendance and Membership

2.1        Gaining and Losing Voting Membership (https://www.incits.org/participation/membership-info)

As an active participant, you are encouraged to become a member (https://www.incits.org/standards-information/policies)

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2.2        Record Attendance

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2.3        Membership for this meeting

2.3.1   Changes in representation since last meeting      New voting members      Voting memberships in jeopardy for attendance, for non-payment of dues, or not voting on letter ballots

2.3.2   T11 voting and advisory memberships for this meeting

T11 roster reference (https://standards.incits.org/apps/org/workgroup/t11/members/roster.php)

2.4        Call for quorum

3       Approval of the Agenda (T11-2024-00087-v000)

4       Minutes of the previous meeting

4.1        Review of Old Action Items

4.2        Approval of Minutes of T11 Plenary meeting #181 (T11-2023-00tbd-v000)

5       Technical Committee and Task Group Reports

5.1        Technical Committee T11 Fibre Channel

5.1.1   Project Activity      Project Status (Projects)      National Project Status Report (National Project Status Report)

5.1.2   Project Proposals      Information Technology - Fibre Channel Switch Fabric - 9 (FC-SW-9) (T11-2024-00088-v000)      Information Technology - Fibre Channel Generic Services - 10 (FC-GS-10) (T11-2024-00053-v000)

5.1.3   Letter Ballots Results      FC-FS-6 Executive Board Approval (T11-2023-00296-v000, status)

INCITS 562-202x: (FC-FS-6) Information technology - Fibre Channel - Framing and Signaling - 6 (FC-FS-6)

Approval - Project Summary, 14-day Executive Board Ballot, BSR-9 Submission      FC-GS-9 INCITS processing (T11-2024-00097-v000, status)

INCITS 570-202x: (FC-GS-9) Information technology - Fibre Channel Generic Services - 9 (FC-GS-9)

Public Review and Comments Register for the Approval of: INCITS 570-202x - Information technology - Fibre Channel Generic Services (FC-GS-9)

The public review is from March 22, 2024 to May 21, 2024.      FC-LS-5 TC submission to initiate public review (T11-2024-00098-v000, status)

INCITS 569-202x: (FC-LS-5) Information technology - Fibre Channel - Link Services - 5 (FC-LS-5)

Ballot question: Do you approve the forwarding of INCITS 569-202x to first public review?

Start Date 2024-03-11

End Date 2024-03-24

5.2        Task Group T11.2 Physical Interfaces

5.2.1   T11.2 Plenary meeting Report (T11-2024-00tbd-v000)

5.3        Task Group T11.3 Interconnection Schemes

5.3.1   T11.3 Plenary meeting Report (T11-2024-00tbd-v000)

5.4        Joint T11.2/T11.3 Items

5.4.1   Joint T11.2/T11.3 Report (T11-2024-00tbd-v000)

5.5        Review of International Activity

5.5.1   INCITS Computer Systems Interconnection Status Report (T11-2024-00tbd-v000)

6       Liaison Reports

6.1        T11 Report (T11-2024-00093-v000)

6.2        INCITS Report (T11-2024-00094-v001)

6.3        TC T10 Report (No report)

6.4        FCIA Report (verbal)

6.5        IEEE Report (T11-2024-00tbd-v000)

6.6        SNIA Report (T11-2024-00tbd-v000)

6.7        NVMe Report (verbal)

7       Old Business

7.1        T11 Project Organization on ICMS (T11-2023-00007-v003)

7.1.1   Guidelines for Expert Groups (T11-2023-00434-v000)      Expert Group Agenda (template)      Expert Group Meeting Notes (template)

7.2        Meeting attendance and hosting (T11-2023-00381-v002)

8       New Business

8.1        TBD

9       Future Meetings

9.1        Approval of schedule, hosts, and venues

9.1.1   Approval of August 2024 meeting venue (TBD)

9.1.2   Guidelines for hosting (T11-2017-00151-v000)

9.1.3   Letter to travel representatives on hotel rates (T11-2023-00011-v000)

9.2        Schedule

9.2.1   Current meeting venues and schedule (Current Meeting Schedule 2024-2026)

9.2.2   Proposed meeting venues and schedule (Proposed Meeting Schedule 2027-2028)

9.3        Next meeting

9.3.1   Meeting information, June 2024 Hybrid (FibreChannel June 2024)

9.3.2   Meeting map, June 2024 (Meeting_Map_Jun_2024 F2F.txt)

9.4        Authorization of Ad Hoc groups, Expert groups, and meetings

Note: Authorization for Ad Hoc groups, Expert groups, and meetings are approved by their respective TGs

10    Review of Action Items

11    Final attendance check

12    Adjournment