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Description Notification of Public Review and Comments Register for the Reaffirmation of Standards in INCITS/L2. The public review period is from April 19, 2013 to June 3, 2013. ________________________________________
INCITS/ISO 962:1974[R2008] Implementation of the 7-bit coded character set and its 7-bit and 8-bit extensions on 9- track 12,7 mm (0.5 in) magnetic tape
INCITS/ISO 2033:1983[R2008] Information processing - Coding of machine readable characters for OCR & MICR
INCITS/ISO 3275:1974[R2008] Implementation of the 7- bit coded character set and its 7- bit and 8- bit extensions on 3,81 mm magnetic cassette for data interchange
INCITS/ISO 6586:1980[R2008] Data processing Implementation of the ISO 7 - Bit and 8 - Bit Coded Character Sets on Punched Cards
INCITS/ISO 9036:1987[R2008] Information processing - Arabic 7- bit coded character set for information interchange

INCITS/ISO/IEC 646:1991[R2008] Information technology - ISO 7-bit coded Character Set for Information Interchange

INCITS/ISO/IEC 2022:1994[R2008] Information technology - Character code structure and extension techniques

INCITS/ISO/IEC 2375:2003[R2008] Information technology - Procedure for registration of escape sequences and coded character sets

INCITS/ISO/IEC 4873:1991[R2008] 8-bit code for information interchange - structure and rules for implementation (Revision and Redesignation of X3.134.1:199x)

INCITS/ISO/IEC 7350:1991[R2008] Information Technology - Registration of repertoires of Graphic Characters from ISO/IEC 10367:1991

INCITS/ISO/IEC 10367:1991[R2008] Information technology - Standardized coded graphic character sets for use in 8-bit codes

INCITS/ISO/IEC 10538:1991[R2008] Information technology - control functions for text communication
Document State Public Review Register/Notices (Public Review Register/Notices)
Group / Folder Executive Board / EB Document Registers - Previous Years / EB Document Register 2013
Submitter By Barbara Bennett on Thursday, 18 April 2013 01:23pm
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Open Date: 2013-05-10 00:00:00 America/New_York

Do you approve the reaffirmation of American National Standard presented in eb-2013-00515 for 2013 National Maintenance?

By a letter ballot vote tally of 8-0-0-0=8, INCITS/L2 voted to reaffirm the American National Standards presented in eb-2013-00515 for 2013 national maintenance. This ballot has been initiated concurrently with the public review which is announced in ANSI Standards Action from April 19, 2013 to June 3, 2013. If public review comments...

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