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Title National Published Standards
Name National Published Standards (325K)
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Description National Standards Published as of September 5, 2012
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Submitter By Lynn Barra on Monday, 10 September 2012 10:15am
Modified By Lynn Barra on Monday, 10 September 2012 10:16am
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New Project Proposal - INCITS 555 (SES-4)-Objections Due 5/23/2017 (INCITS/T10)

Seven-Day Review and Approval of a new Project Proposal from INCITS/T10: <hr> Information technology - SCSI Enclosure Services - 4 (SES-4) <hr> This project proposal and accompanying documentation has been submitted to the Executive Board for approval in accordance with the requirements in the INCITS Organization, Policies and Procedures, National Processing, Milestone 1 ‐ Approval of the Project Proposal. Any Executive Board member may submit an objection of the subgroup approved Project Proposal by due date. If there are no objections to the subgroup approved Project Proposal at the close of the review period, the designation of INCITS 555-201x will be automatically assigned and work may begin immediately within the subgroup. <hr> The following documentation has been submitted: 1) The Project Proposal 2) The draft Agenda for the meeting at which action was taken. 3) TC vote to approve the project proposal 4) Search the <a href=""> meetings calendar </a> for the next committee meeting.

Owner: Lynn Barra

* New Project Proposal - INCITS 555 (SES-4)-Objections Due 5/23/2017 (INCITS/T10) Action Item (Document) 2017-05-19 No Access

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