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Name T11-2022-00131-v000.pdf (438K)
Description T11 April 2022 Plenary Draft Meeting Minutes
Document State Minutes (Meeting minutes)
Group / Folder Fibre Channel / T11 Document Register 2022
Submitter By Ms. Patty Driever on Monday, 18 April 2022 07:27am
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Due 4/8/22 Request for INCITS/T11 committee charter/scope review and vote

This action item is a request for members to review the committee scope. We are asking all the committees to conduct this review to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the scope statements. This review may lead to edits, refinements or improvements to the existing scope of work. As a reminder, the scope of the committee is publicly available from and also included in the marketing slide decks prepared last year. It is important that we have the best descriptions available when engaging interested parties to highlight and promote the important work that is done within the committees. <br><br> The current scope for INCITS/T11 can be reviewed from <hr> This topic will be added to the agenda of the upcoming meeting for vote. <br><br> The details of the committee action will be presented to the Executive Board for consideration at their June 2022 meeting. <hr>

Owner: Rachel Porter

Rachel Porter 2022-05-24 18:32 UTC

Vote was conducted at a meeting, see attached minutes.
* Due 4/8/22 Request for INCITS/T11 committee charter/scope review and vote Action Item (Document) 2022-01-28 No Access