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Name Systematic-Review-Ballot-Form-ISO.docx (27K)
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Description Systematic review ballot form for ISO projects - May 2020
Document State Systematic Review (For international maintenance activities.)
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Submitter By Lynn Barra on Thursday, 25 June 2020 08:26am
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Due 8/21/20 - Call for USNB Position/Comments 2020-3 Systematic Review

This email is a call for US National Body position and comments for the 2020-3 Systematic Review (see list of standards below). <br> <br> Members are requested to review the attached information to provide input by the action item due date. Recommendations for the US position and any comments should include the answers to all the systematic review ballot questions (attached) and should be sent to the designated TC person ( and to the TC mailing list ( [Note: Comments shall be submitted using the attached ISO comments template, and should include actionable proposed changes and comment types, for each comment.] <hr> This topic will be added to the agenda of the upcoming meeting for vote. <hr> Note: Systematic Review is a JTC 1 level ballot and the TC recommendation will be submitted to the Executive Board for final approval. <hr> ISO 19135-1:2015 - Geographic information Procedures for item registration Part 1: Fundamentals <br> ISO 19136-2:2015 - Geographic information Geography Markup Language (GML) Part 2: Extended schemas and encoding rules

Owner: Rachel Porter

Rachel Porter 2020-07-20 17:07 UTC
* Due 8/21/20 - Call for USNB Position/Comments 2020-3 Systematic Review Action Item (Document) 2020-07-20 No Access

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