M1.3 - Biometric Data Interchange Formats

About This Committee

The INCITS/M1.3 Task Group on biometric data interchange formats, technical interfaces, biometric profiles, and societal aspects of biometric implementations is focused on the standardization of the content, meaning and representation of the information used by the biometric data interchange formats. Its scope has expanded to include projects addressed by TGs formerly operated under M1 as follows:

o Biometric Technical Interfaces and Profiles that covered the standardization of all necessary interfaces and interactions between biometric components and sub-systems (formerly INCITS/M1.2);

o Technical Implementations of Biometric Systems that addressed biometric profile standards for interoperability and data interchange, and projects that focused on providing additional technical implementation guidance for biometric systems (formerly M1.4); and

o Cross Jurisdictional and Societal Aspects of Biometric Implementations that focused on the study and standardization of technical solutions to societal aspects of biometric implementations (formerly INCITS/M1.6).

M1.3 serves as the U.S. TAG to SC 37/WG2, WG3, WG4, and WG6. These are the counterparts to the projects addressed by M1.3.