About This Committee

INCITS/Trustworthiness is the U.S. TAG for ISO/IEC JTC 1/WG 13, which, at the time of its approval, had the following scope:

Given the horizontal nature of trustworthiness in JTC 1

1. JTC 1 establishes JTC 1/WG 13 on Trustworthiness.
2. JTC 1 assigns the approved work item ISO/IEC TS 24462, Ontology for ICT Trustworthiness Assessment, to WG 13.

Terms of Reference of WG 13 are:

1. Complete, improve and maintain the inventory (JTC 1 N14500) including the heat map as a JTC 1 standing document reflecting the landscape of trustworthiness in JTC 1, other ISO and IEC Committees, and other SDOs
2. Complete terminology and description of characteristics and determine what type of document should be created.
3. Develop horizontal deliverables such as frameworks, taxonomy and ontology for ICT trustworthiness for guiding trustworthiness efforts throughout JTC 1 and upon which other deliverables can be developed.

Excluded are domain specific trustworthiness deliverables, such as those within the scope of JTC 1 SCs.